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Import Roles

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will describe the purpose and process of importing LMS Learning Roles.

Purpose of Learning Roles

Why are Learning Roles used?  

Learning Roles are used to effectively and easily assign Learning Content, referred to within the LMS as Learning Elements.

Specific types of Learning Elements can be associated with specific types of Learning Roles. 

Learners are assigned to these specific Learning Roles which then grants them access to the specific Learning Elements associated with these Learning Roles.

Role Groups are simply larger groups which contain numbers of associated and underlying Learning Roles.

Purpose behind Importing Roles

The Accord LMS Role Import Feature allows for Learning Roles and/or their parent Role Groups to be quickly created within your LMS.

If you want to create a full Role hierarchy or add multiple Roles in bulk, you have the efficient option of using the Role Import Feature.

Please follow the steps below to quickly import Learning Roles and/or their parent Role Groups into your Accord LMS.

Should you desire to create individual Roles instead please see; 

Create New Learning Role.

What is Needed to Import Roles?

The Role Import process begins by setting up any Roles or Role Groups desired for import in a (.csv) file which can then be readily uploaded into your Accord LMS.

Important Comments Regarding (.csv) Files Used for Import

To prepare for Importing Roles and/or Role Groups; columns A-F across the (.cvs) file need to be in the following format;


Any Dates are optional.

Duplicate Role Names will not Import. 

Errors will result if the same Role Name already exists within the LMS or if duplicated within the (.csv) file being imported.

Sample File

To obtain a sample Role Import .csv file please link to; Import Samples.

Once you get to the page, under Sample Import Types go to Role Import.

Process to Import Learning Roles

  • Login with LMS Admin credentials.
  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.
  • From the menu on left, expand the Advanced tab and click the Configuration tab.
  • From the Configuration page click on Import Data.

The Legacy Import Data panel will display.*

*Ensure to have any Learning Roles you wish to import during this process preselected and listed on a .csv file.

  • Click heading for Role Import to open this panel.
  • Next to Select CSV File, click button to select a Roles .csv file from your system.
  • Once the .csv file has downloaded click Import.

After clicking Import a confirmation message will display, telling the number of new Roles which were imported and created within your LMS Role hierarchy during this process.

Any Import failures: Certain conditions as they might relate to any import failures will display directly underneath the confirmation message; potentially helping to isolate and identify reasons for failure. 

When navigating to the LMS Roles tab, you will see your newly imported Roles, and/or their parent Role Groups displayed with your LMS Role hierarchy.

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