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When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will briefly describe the purpose and process of LMS digital integration with other digital programs or systems.

What is Integration?

From an LMS perspective, integration means to digitally link and communicate with other online systems or programs.

What is the Purpose behind Integration?

Establishing certain settings when using the various types of integration will allow your Accord LMS to properly communicate and properly function with other online digital systems.

Important Note; 

In order to access all available features within Integration, it may be necessary to be logged-in when using Accord LMS Host Account credentials. This means that some of the Integration section headings you may observe in some of the images used below may or may not be present depending upon your particular Accord LMS version, a particular portal used, or the type of credentials used when logging-in to the system.*

*A 'Host-Account' is available only for self-hosted clients and represents a small percentage of our clients.

How to Access Accord LMS Integration Features

  • Login with LMS Admin credentials.

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.

  • From menu on left, expand the Advanced tab and select the Configuration tab.

  • Once in the Configuration panel, click on Integration.

The Integration Page will display.

Here you will see different panel headings allowing for various types of LMS system integrations.

The number of panel headings and specific types of panel headings may vary depending on your particular Accord LMS system, a particular portal setup or the particular LMS Admin credentials used when logging-in to the system.

To see the most available headings, ensure to login using LMS 'HOST' credentials.

API Web Services

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary which allows two or more applications to effectively communicate with each other.

In this section you can activate Accord LMS API's to connect your eLearning with other critical business applications.

If necessary, click the API Web Services heading to open panel.

Enable Web Services: 

  • Check box to enable API Web Services.
  • After checking box click Update near bottom of page.

OpenSesame Marketplace

This integration panel relates to the OpenSesame eLearning Marketplace.

If necessary, click heading to open this panel.

For further help documentation explaining more about the OpenSesame Marketplace, please see; OpenSesame - Introduction.

  • Account Name: Enter the Marketplace account name.

  • Account ID: This Account ID field will auto-populate once the OpenSesame Marketplace is created.

  • Hide Marketplace: Checking this box will prevent the OpenSesame tab from displaying within the left-hand tab menu. Leaving it unchecked allows the OpenSesame tab to display within the left-hand tab menu, allowing authorized LMS Admins the ability to access and quickly add new OpenSesame training courses.* 

*Once any OpenSesame courses have been added to the LMS Catalog they can be immediately utilized by authorized Learners.

  • After finishing the steps above click Create.

  • Update: After creating the OpenSesame Marketplace, scroll near bottom and click Update to save and implement any changes.

The OpenSesame tab will now display within the left-hand tab menu.

Integrity Advocate Proctoring 

Integrity Advocate is an authorized third-party utilized to enable online proctoring of Learner activity. 

For further help documentation as it relates to Integrity Advocate Proctoring services please see; Proctoring - Introduction.

If wanting to setup LMS proctoring services provided through an authorized third-party called Integrity Advocate; 

  • If necessary, click on the Integrity Advocate heading to open this panel.

  • Check box for Enable Proctoring to display additional fields.

  • Application ID: Copy and paste your Integrity Advocate application ID into this field.

These credentials are provided by your Accord LMS Support Team.

  • API2 Key: Copy and paste your Integrity Advocate API2 Key into this field. 

These credentials will be provided by your Accord LMS Support Team.

  • Test Connection Button: After entering the proper credentials into these two fields, an additional Test Connection button will display. 

Click on this Test Connection button to verify a valid connection.

  • Update: After entering the above information and ensuring a valid connection, scroll near bottom and click Update.

If a valid connection was properly verified, your Accord LMS system will now be able to accommodate online proctoring services facilitated thru Integrity Advocate.

*For professional assistance in setting-up the proctoring feature on your LMS, or if needing any assistance with any aspect of your Accord LMS, please contact; Accord Support.

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