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Configuration - License Key and Details

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will briefly discuss your Accord LMS Portal License Key and Details.

Important Note: Most Accord LMS clients will be taken through a License Key update process during your regular subscription renewal. For any reason, should you be properly advised through Accord LMS Support that any aspect of your License Key should be edited prior to your formal subscription renewal, ensure to Login using HOST credentials.

What are Portal License Key and Details?

The License Key and Details panel contains technical information related to your Accord LMS module concerning its domain, server, content, license status and License Key.

To Access the License Key and Details Panel 

  • Login with LMS Admin credentials.
  • Open the Advanced tab and select Configuration.
  • From the Configuration page click on License Key and Details.

  • Module Information: This includes the module name, version, DNN version, .Net Framework, Permissions, and ASP.NET identity details.
  • Current Domain: The current domain on which the Accord LMS is hosted.
  • Codebase Signature: The signature information for the server hosting domain on which the LMS resides.
  • Current Counters: Current Count for this Admin Module; or all Admin Modules if more than one.
  • License Utilization Report: Click on the highlighted link to download a .csv report which displays your number of Active Learners. This will help determine how far you are from your Active Learner Limit.
  • License Details: Displays information related to the Accord LMS license agreement.*

*You can click the Request License Assistance link to email Accord LMS Support with any license questions.

  • License Key: Displays the license key information.
  • Update: Click Update to save any changes made to the license key field or click Return to go back to the Configuration Page.

Important Notes

Most of the Configuration information should already be set within the LMS Admin Module. Company LMS Administrators should not need to make modifications. 

You can click the Request License Assistance link within the panel to email Accord LMS Support with any license questions. 

Other than occasionally renewing your License Key Details when renewing your subscription, do not modify any information within the License Key field or this will disable the LMS.

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