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This article will describe the easy steps to generate a Learning Element Activity - Easy Configuration Report.

What is an LE Activity - Easy Configuration Report?

An LE Activity - Easy Configuration Report is a report-type which can be quickly setup to gather data for selected LMS activity. 

To Setup and Run your Report

To Access LE Activity - Easy Configuration Reports;

  • Login with LMS Admin credentials.

  • Click on the Reports tab.

The Reports page will open.

Near the top of the page you will see a report-type called Easy Configuration - LE Activity with Learner Detail.

  • Use the associated dropdown menu to select Define New Report and click Continue.


  • Put a name or title within the Name field.

  • Enter an optional Description.

  • Next to Team View Permissions, select any Teams which may view and or run this report.


The Filters panel is where you set options to determine what types of Learners will be included, what specific content will be included, any inclusive dates and any desired report columns.


STEP 1: Utilizing the LEARNERS tab, select who will appear on this report.

You may choose to select specific Users (Learners), Learning Roles (which includes Users or Learners assigned to these Roles) or Teams. 

  • Use button to select Users, Roles or Teams.


STEP 2: Utilizing the CONTENT tab, select which specific content will appear on this report.

Selecting Folders will include all Learning Elements within any selected folders. 

Selecting specific Learning Elements will include only these Learning Elements.

  • Use buttons to select Folders or Learning Elements.


STEP 3: Utilizing the DATE tab, select a specific timeframe when the Learning Element activity occurred.

Using the associated dropdown menu, select a date range in which the Learning Element activity occurred. When generating this report you will receive all activity for any selected Learners and Learning Elements which occurred within this timeframe. 


The most common report columns will be preset by default. If necessary, use the COLUMNS tab to add or remove any report columns as desired. 


After selecting above parameters for your report-type, in the upper Definitions panel click Create. This will save and create this report-type. 

Run Report

After creating your report-type by clicking the Create button as described just above, click Generate Report from the heading near the top of the page to run this report.

Export a Report

After generating your report, you may export this report to PDF or Excel by selecting the appropriate button located near the top of the Report panel as seen just below.

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