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OpenSesame - Introduction

The OpenSesame eLearning Marketplace

The OpenSesame Marketplace is an online store which carries a large variety of online learning content. This allows for new training material to be quickly, easily and inexpensively added to your Accord LMS Learning Catalog.

Once this learning content has been purchased and added to your Catalog, it can be utilized immediately to train your Learners.

This provides near-immediate access to various selected training courses for your organization.

Install OpenSesame?

The OpenSesame Marketplace may or may not be already installed on your Accord LMS. 

Should it not be already installed and you would like to integrate the OpenSesame Marketplace into your LMS system, please contact; Accord Support.

To verify whether or not your Accord LMS already has the OpenSesame Marketplace installed, check to see if the OpenSesame tab displays within the left-hand tab menu.

For help documentation to assist in configuring the OpenSesame Marketplace on your Accord LMS, please see; OpenSesame - Configuration.

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