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Proctoring - Introduction


This article describes the ability to have certain testing or learning activity properly proctored when using the Accord LMS.

A proctored activity is some sort of LMS Learner activity which is duly monitored and recorded.  

Need for Proctoring

On occasion it may be considered necessary for a selected LMS learning activity to be proctored.

Proctoring is a process used to authoritatively verify that a certain online LMS User is actively participating in a learning activity; not an unauthorized person.

This verification process is facilitated through a third party by the name of Integrity Advocate who verifies and monitors the individual sitting at the computer. 

Integrity Advocate verifies this individual through the use of a government issued photo ID which must be provided by the User at the beginning of a proctored learning activity.

Please see the following article to learn how to setup your Accord LMS for Proctoring.

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