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Configure Reports to Display Proctoring Data

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips. 


This article will describe and demonstrate the necessary process to configure your LMS Reports module to capture LMS Learner activity which is formally proctored through our authorized third-party proctoring service. 

This will allow this proctored Learner activity to be captured and recorded for your various LMS reports.

This third-party proctoring service is facilitated thru a company called Integrity Advocate. 

Steps to Present Proctoring Data on Reports

Once you have setup your Accord LMS to facilitate proctoring, it will be necessary to add the Proctoring Status column to Reports so that this proctoring data can be captured and reported.

To add the Proctoring Status column to Reports;

  • Navigate to the Reports tab.

  • Under Reports grouped by Roles and Learners, wave over Learner Activity/Transcript with LE Detail and click Continue.

  • Click on Display Columns heading to open this panel.

A panel will display revealing numbers of different columns which can be selected to display on your report by checking their adjacent checkboxes.

  • Under Learning Elements, check box next to Proctoring Status

  • Should you choose to display a column which reflects the Proctoring API Response, check box.*

*The API Response essentially verifies a successful third-party integration during any events proctored thru Integrity Advocate. 

  • Check box for Comments to add a report column to display any proctoring comments rendered by the proctor.

  • Check box for Comments from Learner to add a report column to display any proctoring comments rendered by the proctored Learner.

When the report is generated, your various selected columns relating to third-party proctored events will then display.

When finished scroll near top and click Return to redisplay the main Reports Page.

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