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How Do I Determine what Courses have been Assigned to a Learner?

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The Query Learning Roles and Members feature allows you to display any Folders/Learning Elements assigned to a Learner.

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected.
  • Navigate to LMS Admin tab > Actions tab.
  • Expand the Teams, Roles & Learners panel.
  • Check box for All Team Members.
  • Next to Learners click Show Search.

  • You can use the Search Field dropdown menu to select the desired search  criteria; name, username, email, etc..
  • In the Search String field; type the necessary information to find your Learner.
  • Click Search for Learners.
  • When your desired Learner displays within the results field, check their adjacent box.
  • Click heading for Actions to open panel. 
  • Use the Select Action menu and choose Query Learning Roles and Members.

The screen will refresh, showing additional tool options.

Select radio buttons next to the desired parameters;

  • Type: Query Learning Elements which were enrolled either thru Learner My Courses or thru the Learner Catalog.
  • Team: Include only Active team enrollments, only Parent team enrollments or All team enrollments.

Criteria: Select to Match All or Match Any

  • With a Match All query, only Learning Catalog folders which match all Type and Team selections from above will display.
  • With a Match Any query, learning content which match any of the Type and Team selections will display.
  • Click the Submit button.

After clicking Submit, scroll upwards to the Learning Catalog to see any Folders and/or Learning Elements assigned to your Learner; as indicated by a check in their adjacent boxes.

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