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How Do I See who I've Assigned a Course to?


There are features which allow an LMS Admin to verify which types of Learning Content have been assigned to specific Learning Roles and Learners.

To see which Roles and Learners have been assigned or enrolled into selected folders and/or Learning Elements;

  • Ensure the proper Active Team has been selected.

  • Navigate to the LMS Admin tab > Enrollment tab.

  • Check the boxes of the specific Learning Elements and/or Folders within the Learning Catalog which you wish to query enrollment for.

  • Click on the Actions heading to expand this panel.

  • Use the Select Action menu and select Query Learning Catalog.

The page will refresh displaying additional options. 

Select radio buttons next to the desired parameters.

  • Type: Query the Learning Elements which were enrolled either thru Learner My Courses or thru the Learner Catalog.

  • Team: Check button to include only Active Team enrollments, only Parent Team enrollments or All Team enrollments.

  • Criteria: Select to Match All or Match Any

With a Match All query, only Learning Catalog Folders which include all of the Type and Team selections from above will display. 

With a Match Any query, Learning Catalog Folders including any of the Type and Team selections will display.

  • Click Submit.

After clicking Submit, the screen will refresh.

Within the Teams, Roles & Learners field, the Learning Roles and Learners enrolled to your selections within the Learning Catalog which properly correlate with the parameters selected from above will display with a check mark within their associated boxes.

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