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How will the Accord LMS Benefit Your Organization?


This article will briefly describe how the Accord LMS will benefit your particular type of business or organization. 

Online Training

A distinct benefit of the computer era is the relative ease at which people can be trained, taught or tested on various types of information when using various forms of electronic devices.

This benefit is enhanced even further whenever incorporating the Accord LMS. 

Numerous Options available for Testing or Training

Depending on the type of information being taught or tested, numerous methods may be utilized. 

Some methods may include tutorial videos, Instructor-Led training sessions or various types of quizzes or exams.  

A special feature of the Accord LMS is the ability to offer online real-time proctoring services for those occasions when a specific user must be properly identified and validated. This process is facilitated through an authorized third-party proctoring service.

Ease and Efficiency

The Accord LMS allows any company or corporation to easily and efficiently conduct it’s testing or training online, either from the common workplace, a remote satellite location, or employee home office.

Ever-Evolving Conditions

In a world with ever-evolving conditions, where laws, regulations or policies may change or update regularly, the ability to quickly and efficiently train staff through the Accord LMS serves as an indispensable tool.

Continual Compliance

If your organization needs to adhere to ever-evolving guidelines or State and Federal Laws which may continually update, the ability to keep your staff in perpetual compliance can be challenging.

Very fortunately, the numerous features and capabilities of the Accord LMS greatly helps to maintain any ongoing compliance requirements. 

What about organizations which have staff members on varying shifts, at varying locations or on various types of absence?

By using the Accord LMS, electronic links can be sent to any staff members, connecting them with various types of training, allowing them to engage and comply quickly.    

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