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Current Team


This article will explain the Accord LMS concept of the Current Team.

Purpose of the Current Team

Although simple in it's overall approach, the Current Team feature allows for a type of segmented LMS management, especially for those companies who might possess various types of Learners operating under different sets of conditions or regulations.

As an easy example, let's assume that a company has one segment of Learners who operate under one set of regulations, while another segment of Learners might operate under a separate set of regulations.

One approach which can be used in the Accord LMS is to utilize two or more distinct Current Teams. 

To a limited extent, each respective Current Team can be setup and managed independently of the other, to a degree affording each Current Team their own tailor-fit LMS.

A talent agency uses one group of adult actors, and another group of child actors. This agency desires each group to have a certain amount of assigned LMS learning activities. Some learning activities may only apply to adult actors, while other activities may only apply to children actors.

This situation can be easily remedied by choosing to use 2 distinct Current Teams, one Team being a Current Adult Team and the other Team being the Current Children Team.   

Whenever selecting a new Current Team from the menu located at the lower-left of the screen, the LMS will conduct a system refresh, which will then display a distinct set of Catalog, Roles, Teams, Reports, Advanced and Learner tabs for this selected Current Team. 

This approach allows each respective Current Team to utilize the Accord LMS in a manner allowing it to function somewhat uniquely or independently of other Current Teams.

The Current Team selector menu is located at the lower-left of your screen.

Click on the button at right to select another Current Team.

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