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The Recycle Folder

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This article describes the purpose and usage of the Recycle Folder.

What is a Recycle Folder?

A Recycle Folder is a special-use Catalog folder and comes supplied by default with the Accord LMS. 

The Recycle Folder functions by automatically storing any orphan Learning Elements which might not presently exist elsewhere within another folder in the Catalog. 

This automatic Recycle Folder storage allows these orphan Learning Elements to be easily retrieved and reused.

Example Usage of the Recycle Folder

A particular Learning Element is deleted from a Catalog Folder. This same Learning Element does not exist within another Catalog Folder. At some point in the future, an LMS Admin desires to reuse this Learning Element.  

To reuse a Learning Element from the Recycle Folder;

  • Click on the Recycle Folder.

This will display any contained Learning Elements within the LEARNING CONTENT field.

To move a Learning Element to a given Catalog folder you can;

  • Drag and drop the Learning Element into a new folder.

  • Click on the menu buttons to the right of the Learning Element and use it's context menu to move.

  • Select the Learning Element by checking it's associated box and use the move icon located near the top.

Deleting a Learning Element from the Recycle Folder

Whenever permanently deleting a Learning Element from the Recycle Folder it becomes hard-deleted and cannot be restored.


The Recycle Folder automatically saves any orphan Learning Elements, allowing such Learning Elements to be located and reused easily. 

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