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Folder Details - All Folder-Types

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article covers the various types of informational details which can be set or entered for the various Catalog Folder-Types. 

The various Folder-Types include a regular Folder, an Organizational Folder, a Course, a Chapter or a Learning Path.

Though various details or settings may vary slightly from folder-type to folder-type, the information below will cover the majority of these details, most of which apply to most folder-types. 

A couple of fundamental differences between the different folder-types are the types of Child-Folders they may contain, and/or whether or not they can be directly populated with learning content called Learning Elements.

To Access Folder Details

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Selection menu located lower-left of screen.

  • Navigate to the Catalog tab.

  • Click the +NEW button located at top. 

  • Select Top level Folder or Child Folder*

*From this point the various settings may be located or selected as demonstrated in the example immediately below.

If desiring to edit Details for an existing Catalog Folder;

  • Click to highlight Folder you wish to access Details for.

  • Click it's 3 dots to open it's context menu. 

  • Select the Details option from menu.*

    *Whether this option says 'Course Details', 'Chapter Details' etc., will depend on the specific folder-type.

The Details panel will open on the General Settings tab.


Important Tips: 

  • Some of these settings are system defaults. Many can be modified by an LMS administrator with appropriate permissions.  

  • It is considered a best practice to NOT modify existing folder-types, but instead create a new folder-type if necessary.

  • The Accord LMS automatically prevents admins from creating any folder-types which are not allowed as child folders for a given type of parent folder.

For information on Creating a New Folder, please see; Adding and Editing Folders.

All Folders can be customized using the various sidebar tabs which may include; 

General Settings, Advanced Settings, Scoring, Prerequisites, Learner Enrollment, Notifications, Admin Proctoring and Learner List.*

*These tab options may vary slightly depending on the specific features of your particular LMS.

General Settings

  • Allowed Child Types: A read-only field and dependent upon specific Folder-Type settings.
  • Name: Required field - visible to Learners. 
  • Description: Optional field - visible to Learners. Can include links, images and other Rich-Text elements.
  • Custom Image: Image should be square with minimum dimensions of 100 x 100 pixels and maximum of 200 x 200 pixels.

Ensure to click Save & Close to save any changes.

Advanced Settings

Folder-Type: The Folder-type can be changed when initially creating a folder.

Local ID: This is a auto assigned Local ID number, created and utilized by the system when Folder is created. Will initially be blank.

Folder ID: A Unique identifier ID created by the LMS to identify this folder.

Reference 1 and Reference 2: Custom IDs associated with this folder. Often this field is used to reference an external data system such as a previous LMS.* 

*Contact Accord Support for more information on Folder Reference fields.

Folder Access: You can choose to open Folder by clicking on Open Folder.

If choosing to right-click on Open Folder, you can copy link for this Folder, allowing an admin the ability to email this link to selected Learners, granting them access to this Folder and it's associated Learning Content.

  • Ensure to click Save & Close to save any changes.


Scoring Process: A read-only field based on the broader Folder-Type settings.

Passing Score: Percentage score required to receive a passing status on this folder.

Score Weighting: This setting determines how Child Folder or LE scores are processed when calculating this folder's score.

  • Equal – all Learning Elements and Child Folders having scores will be averaged. 
  • Custom – all Learning Elements with score weights will be individually weighted. Total weight must always be 100%.
  • None – no score weight will be considered or calculated from this folder.

Important Tips:

  • A quiz with a weight of 70 will more significantly impact a folder score more than an entire course with a weight of only 30.

  • The total of all individual weights must equal 100.

  • Do not enter the percentage sign (%) when entering individual weights.

Optional Completion:

  • Checking box for Items are Optional will display a list of optional learning items,
  • In the provided field, enter a quantity which must be completed before allowing Folder Completion.

Ensure to click Save & Close to save any changes.


Click the Prerequisites tab on the left.

This field will be blank until prerequisites are established for this Course.

Should any perquisites for a given folder-type or Learning Element presently exist, these prerequisites will display here. 

If wanting to add a prerequisite, click the Add New Prerequisite button near the bottom.

For more information on Prerequisites, please see; Prerequisites.

  • Ensure to click Save & Close to save any changes.

Learner Enrollment

Learner Enrollment allows admins to assign this folder to any selected Learning Roles by checking their associated boxes in the field at right. 

This specific Course, or any other specific folder-type, will then be assigned to members of this Role.

The Electives tab near the top allows LMS Admins the ability to offer this Course to any Role Members for any optional elective self-enrollments. 

Important Tips:

A Folder can be enrolled in multiple other Folders, but it is recommended to avoid cross-enrollment.*

*Cross-enrollment is the practice of enrolling a Learner in more than one Learning Role which may then assign duplicate

assignments of the same learning content. If cross enrolled, a Learner may question why they received two assignments of the same quiz.

  • Ensure to click Save & Close to save any changes.


Utilize Global Settings: 

Having this box checked will use this LMS portal's Global Settings for Learner and LMS Admin notifications.


Use buttons to select notifications being sent to Learners only, LMS Admins only or Both.

Conditions Satisfied: 

When checked, the LMS will only send notifications once all set conditions for completion of this folder are satisfied. Leaving unchecked will send notifications whenever prompted by any established conditions.

  • Ensure to click Save & Close to save any changes.

Admin Proctoring

Proctoring is the ability to authoritatively verify whether an actual authorized learner is taking a given quiz or exam, and not some unauthorized person. 

Admin Proctoring is verified and facilitated thru an authorized third party company called Integrity Advocate.

This admin proctoring tab may or may not display depending on whether or not the Admin Proctoring feature has been installed on your LMS.

Should you want Admin Proctoring installed on your LMS portal, please contact Accord Support.

If you already have the Admin Proctoring feature installed;

  • Click on the Admin Proctoring tab at left.

There will be three tabs which display near the top, these tabs being Participants, Admin and News.

  • The Participants tab will display users or learners who may have already participated in a proctored learning session for this particular course or other particular folder-type.
  • The Admin tab will grant the ability to add selected clients or admins to receive email notifications of any proctored results. 
  • The News tab contains information or other updates related to the authorized third party proctoring company called Integrity Advocate.

Ensure to click Save & Close to save any changes.

For help with setting up selected individuals with proctored testing or learning content, please see a set of help articles which begins with the article; 

Proctoring - Introduction.

All following associated proctoring articles can be accessed thru this initial link.

Learner List

Clicking this tab will display Learners or Users which have already been assigned to this specific Course or other specific folder-type.

This field will initially be blank until a given Learner or groups of Learners are assigned.  

You may opt to apply the column filters to situate the information more to your choosing.

  • Ensure to click Save & Close to save any changes.


The Details panel is where many types of settings can be established for a given folder-type. 

The various Catalog Folder-Types include a regular Folder, an Organizational Folder, a Course, a Chapter or a Learning Path.

These various folder-types may contain varieties of other Folder-Types or learning content called Learning Elements. 

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