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This article will define and describe the general usage and setup of a Chapter folder-type.

A Chapter is a type of Catalog Folder and added to the Catalog in a manner similar to any other type of Catalog Folder.

For help documentation related to adding any type of Folder to the Catalog, please refer to; Adding and Editing Folders, otherwise the following information describes some general uses of a Chapter Folder.

Purpose behind a Chapter folder-type

A Chapter is a type of hierarchical Catalog Folder which can be directly populated with Learning Elements.

Chapters are a convenient tool for organizing and assigning any Learning Elements.

SCORING: A Chapter folder-type will be scored based on scores earned by any Learning Elements.


Learner Presentation: Drill Down

Scoring Process: Roll Up

Allowed Child Types: Learning Elements

Allowed Parent Types: Course Folders

Important Tips: 

The settings above are system defaults but can be modified by LMS Admins having appropriate permissions. 

It is considered a best practice NOT to modify existing folder-types, but instead create a new folder-type if necessary.

The Accord LMS prevents LMS Admins from creating any folder-types which are not allowed as Child Folders in any selected Parent Folder.

Chapter Details (settings)

Generally, the informational Detail settings which may be set or entered for the various folder-types are very similar.

For more in-depth documentation regarding various Details which may be entered or set for Chapters, please see; Folder Details - All Folder-Types.

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