Configuration - Adding a New Folder Type

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When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will describe the purpose and process of adding a new Catalog Folder-Type.

Purpose behind Catalog Folder-Types

The FOLDER TYPES section within Configuration will allow you to set up various types of Catalog Folder-Types, as well as establish any configurable rules to help keep your LMS Catalog organized. 

Names, icons and rules for each Folder-Type can be edited and customized to best suit your needs. 

You can add new Folder-Types to complement or merge with existing Folder-Types.

To Access Configuration - Folder-Types

  • After logging in with LMS Admin credentials, click on the Catalog tab.
  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.
  • Expand the Advanced tab and select Configuration.
  • Click on the FOLDER TYPES heading to open this section.

The Folder Types Page will display.

The Folder Types

The Folder-Type List displayed below shows the six preconfigured default Folder Types that come supplied with the LMS. These Folder-Types can be edited if needed.

New Folder-Types can be created for any custom needs.

The 6 default Folder-Type are;


Chapters can be used to group selected Learning Elements (LE) together in manageable segments. 

For further help information related to the Chapter Folder-Type please see; Chapters.


A Course is a traditional way to group Learning Elements. Once the LE are completed, the Course is considered complete. Courses can contain Chapters and LE. 

For further help information related to the Course Folder-Type please see; Courses.


Folders can contain other Folders, Learning Paths, Courses and LE. 

For further help information related to the Folder Folder-Type please see; Folders.

Learning Path: 

Learning Paths can have Courses as children and can be used for organizing sets of Courses together. For further help information related to the Learning Path Folder-Type please see; Learning Paths.

Organizational Folder: 

A distinct advantage of Organizational Folders is they are not visible to Learners; they are only visible to LMS Admins; otherwise organizational Folders function very muck like ordinary Folders.

Organizational-Folders can only be used and created inside folder-types called Folders. 

Organizational-Folders cannot be created inside other Organizational-Folders. 

For further help information related to the Organizational Folder Folder-Type please see; Organizational Folders.

  • To add a new Folder-Type, scroll near-bottom and click Add New Folder Type.

The Folder Type Details panel will display.

For further help information related to the various Detail settings for all Catalog Folder-Types please see; Folder Details - All Folder-Types.

After entering entering and setting the various desired details for your new Folder-Type, scroll near the bottom and click Update.

In Conclusion

Various Folder-Types can be quickly added to your LMS Catalog helping to keep your various types of learning content and Learning Elements (LE) highly organized and easy to access.

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