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This article will describe the purpose behind prerequisites for Learning Elements and explains how to access and set various prerequisites for your various Learning Elements.

What are Prerequisites?

Prerequisites are various types of conditions which must be satisfied first.

As a common-type example; a grammar school student must take the first semester of Spanish as a prerequisite before being allowed to register for the second semester of Spanish.

As most typically used in the Accord LMS, certain Learning Elements may require that any assigned Learners complete another Learning Element first as a prerequisite.  

You can set prerequisites for given Learning Elements at the same time that these Learning Elements are being added to the Catalog, or you can choose to edit existing Learning Elements, to either add new prerequisites or drop existing prerequisites at any time.

For help documentation related to entering a Learning Element into the Catalog please see; Learning Element (LE) Details - General Settings.

Accessing and Setting Prerequisites

  • Login with LMS Admin credentials.

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.

  • If not already selected, click on the Catalog tab.

  • Click on the specific Catalog Folder which contains the specific Learning Element you wish to establish prerequisites for, to display this folder's learning material within the adjacent LEARNING CONTENT field.

  • Hover your mouse over the selected Learning Element to prompt some menu buttons.

  • Click on menu buttons to prompt a context menu.

  • Select LE Details from context menu. 

  • From the menu on left, click the Prerequisites tab.

  • When the page refreshes and the prerequisites panel displays, any preexisting prerequisites for this Learning Element will be listed here.

  • To add new prerequisites for this Learning Element, near the bottom of this panel click button for ADD NEW PREREQUISITE.

Once the page to select prerequisites displays, you have a number of different options.

  • You can choose to select entire Folders as prerequisites for this Learning Element.

This automatically includes all Learning Elements contained inside this folder as prerequisites.

  • You can click to highlight any folder on the left which will then display it's included Learning Elements in the field on the right. which will then allow you to select individual Learning Elements.

  • You can use the Search Catalog field at upper right to search for specific titles of Learning Elements from amongst the entire Catalog.

  • Once any Learning Elements display within this field based upon your search results, check the boxes next to those Learning Elements you desire as prerequisites.*

Any Learning Elements listed here which appear grayed-out, cannot be selected. In this case, the prerequisite Learning Element 'Lion Cubs' is grayed-out because this is the exact-same Learning Element which the process began with. A Learning Element cannot be added as a prerequisite for the exact-same Learning Element. 

  • After making your selections, click Select near the bottom.

After clicking Select, the page will refresh and your chosen prerequisites for this Learning Element will display.

Clicking the trash icon on left will immediately delete any of these Learning Elements as required prerequisites.

  • Use the Completed or Passed buttons provided to determine if you want your Learners to complete or pass these Learning Elements to properly satisfy your prerequisite requirements.

  • After making your desired choices, click Save & Close near the top.

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