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Role Awards

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will describe the purpose and process behind setting Role Awards for your various Learning Elements.

What are Role Awards?

A Role Award is a new assignment of a Learning Role to an LMS Learner.

Using Learning Roles is an effective way to continually get the right types of training to the appropriate Learners.

In a simple approach, specific types of learning material is assigned to different Learning Roles. 

Learners can then be assigned these Roles, which will then allow these Learners to stay in-sync with their proper types of ongoing training.

How does an LMS Admin use Role Awards?

Let's say that an LMS Admin wants to ultimately assign a given Learner to a specific Learning Role, but chooses for this Learner to take a competency test first.

An LMS Admin can set Role Awards for specific Learning Elements, which will automatically assign Learners to specific Learning Roles, once they complete or pass an initial Learning Element, such as a test or quiz.

To Access and Set Role Awards

  • Login with LMS Admin credentials.

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected, selection menu located lower-left of screen.

  • If not already selected, click on the Catalog tab.

  • Click on the specific Catalog Folder which contains the specific Learning Element you wish to establish Role Awards to display this folder's learning material within the adjacent LEARNING CONTENT field.

  • Hover your mouse over the selected Learning Element to highlight and prompt a menu icon.

  • Click on the menu icon to prompt a context menu.

  • Select LE Details from menu. 

The screen will refresh, displaying a tab menu on left. 

  • Click the Role Awards tab.

When the page refreshes, any Role Awards which already exist for this Learning Element will display here. 

If there are no existing Role Awards, this list will be empty.

  • If you want to add a new Role Award for this Learning Element, click ADD NEW ROLE.

After clicking ADD NEW ROLE the screen will refresh displaying some dropdown menu options.

Use these dropdown menus to make your selections as they will apply to this Role Award.

  • Portals: Select the Accord LMS portal which contains the Parent Role Group which contains the subordinate Learning Role you wish to award.

  • Role Groups: Select the Parent Role Group which contains the subordinate Learning Role you wish to award.

  • Roles: Select the specific Learning Role you wish to award.

  • After making your selections click the UPDATE button. 

After clicking UPDATE this Learning Role Award will now appear on the list.

There are two dropdown menus allowing options as they will apply to the awarding of this Role.

  • Role Award Option:

    When this Role is awarded; how will it be applied to any Learners taking this Learning Element?

  • Create: will create this Role.
  • Create or Update: will either newly create this Role or Update the Role should it already exist.
  • Create or Add: will create this Role or Add this role should the Learner already be included in another Role. 
  • Expire: will immediately expire this Role, 
  • Delete: will immediately delete this Role.

  • Role Award Criteria:

This is the criteria which a Learner must perform to qualify for this Role Award, 

Your choices are Completed, Passed, Completed and Passed, or Completed or Passed.

  • Click Save & Close to save and implement any changes.

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