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Release Notes: 2021.02 - User Experience Update

2021.02 completes the first stage of work started in 2020.04 almost one year ago. This update provides an entirely redesigned administrative module built on new technology providing improvements in application speed and simplicity. The combined results of these changes are a more intuitive Accord LMS with quicker workflows and more attractive interface.

Default Configuration/Menu Settings

These changes will apply to new implementations of the Accord LMS but may not apply to existing clients who wish to use their current page and menu configurations. 

Simple Two Button Landing Page

The new Landing page includes an image about the Login and Create My Account buttons.

No Learner Home Page

Learners are immediately presented their Courses upon login

New Learner Calendar Page

Announcements and the Accord LMS Calendar share a page in the Learner Menu

New Blog Administration Page

Easy Access Blog/Announcements Administration Page


The Charts module has been deprecated.  We'll be reviewing data visualization tools in 2022.


General Changes

New DNN Site Theme:   Kore

This new Theme, aka a “Skin”, is required to enjoy all the benefits of the new user experience.   Third party skins and the Accord Variant skin will not support visual consistency across all interfaces within the new system but are likely to retain key functionality.


Left Sidebar Menu

The Accord LMS now supports a sidebar menu which can be collapsed to icons only or expanded to its full width. Administrators will be presented with appropriate admin pages based on their permissions and Learner pages will be available to admins in a collapsible child menu.


Current Team

The feature previously known as “Active Team” is now labeled as “Current Team” and has been moved from the upper right to lower left of any pages where it appears.


Quick Launch Details

Most items with the option to edit details can now be accessed by double-clicking the item’s name.   For example, double-clicking on Folders will launch Folder Details.  This feature is available for Folders, Learning Elements, Role Groups, Roles, Teams, and Individual Learners.


Expanded Details Pop-ups

Details settings in various objects have been expanded to include most available features.  In previous versions, some features were configured from the details page while some were accessed through the context menu.   Wherever possible, features have been added to the object details so that all settings for an object can be found in one place.  For example, prerequisites for a Learning Element used to be found under Conditions & Limits in the LE context menu.  They are now in the prerequisites section of the LE Details with other LE options.


Two Column Design

The Accord LMS uses a system of containers and objects in several key areas.  Folders can contain other folders and Learning Elements.   Role Groups contain Roles.  Teams contain other Teams and Learners.  The new two column design presents containers (Folders, Groups, Teams) in the left column and the objects that they contain in the Right Column.  This layout provides more immediate access to the contents of containers while making our hierarchical catalogs and teams easier to visualize.


+New Button

The Catalog, Roles, and Teams admin pages offer a context sensitive +New button that provides an easily identified control for adding elements to each of those pages.  The Catalog’s +New/New Learning Element allows for some content to be added by simply dragging a file from the computer’s file manager onto the LE creation tool.



Improved Search

The search algorithm has not changed with this release; however, the search results are now returned more quickly and presented in a temporary folder.  This simplifies viewing search results in context of the entire catalog.  Admins can easily edit, move, or copy the Learning Elements returned by the search.


Copy and Move

Folders and Learning Elements can be moved with an easy drag and drop interface or Move and Copy menus.   Move and Copy pop-ups have been redesigned to be easier to use.



All Roles

New Role Group “All Roles” contains all Learning Roles.  Role List features filtering by Name, Rules Utilization, or User Count to quickly find any needed roles.  This feature will be especially helpful for clients with hundreds of Learning Roles.


Role Membership Rules

This feature has not changed visually but has been redesigned using new technology which will improve rule performance.



Member Management

The interface previously used to locate and edit members of a team has been removed.  Members will now appear in the right column when any team in the left column is selected.


Learner Filters

Finding a Learner is a much faster experience than previous versions.  Selecting the All Members Team will present a list of all users in the LMS.   Typing a portion of a User Name or Display Name will instantly locate the specific Learner.


Note:  Additional work on the Team Interface will continue through Version 2021.04.


Advanced Admin Menu


The Actions Page appears in the Advanced Admin Menu.  This interface has been refactored to feature a two-column layout for enhanced clarity.   No functionality has changed on this page.



The Configuration landing page has received new styling but remains otherwise unchanged.



Clients using the OpenSesame marketplace will find the marketplace on the admin Advanced Menu.   This layout offers more screen real estate than the previous position at the bottom of the Accord LMS Catalog.


Known Issues:

  • Quiz Exit and Cancel buttons do not work in administrative preview.  Learner’s taking the quiz will not encounter this problem.  
  • Supported File Types Link in Learning Element Creation is improperly linked to Google.
  • Merge Learner feature has not been added.  It will be re-introduced in a future release.






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