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Learning Elements - File Type Detection


This article will briefly demonstrate the process for being able to select from various options for establishing proper File-Types whenever creating new Learning Elements.

Learning Element (LE) creation will detect certain types of files and then automatically select proper LE-Types and formats to properly display these Learning Elements.

Whenever creating a new Learning Element you are provided three options to select from.

You may select;

1. From Computer

2. From URL

3. From List

The first two options create a Learning Element based on the specific type of content used. The third option provides an LMS Admin with the ability to create the Learning Element first, and then populate with the appropriate content.

From Computer

Add a file by simply dragging this file onto the blue box, or clicking below the blue box to open your computer's file manager to select a file. The following file types can be used.

  • SCORM .zip packages will create a SCORM Learning Element
  • doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx. files will create a Microsoft Asset LE*
  • Any other file types (e.g. PDF) will create a file Learning Element.

* note: Microsoft Documents must be smaller than 10MB due to limitations in the Microsoft Online File Viewer.

From URL

Pasting a URL into the text box and then clicking Continue will activate a heuristic algorithm and create the proper LE-Type.

  • YouTube links will create a YouTube Learning Element. 
  • Google Docs, Sheets, or Presentations will create a Google Asset Learning Element
  • Other URL's will create  Link Learning Elements

From List

LMS Admins can select from different Learning Element Types from the list provided. Once created, upload or create the proper content type based on your selected LE-Type.

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