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Editing or Updating Existing Learners

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will briefly describe the purpose and process of editing an existing Learner.

Purpose of Editing Learners

Learners' various statuses or demographic data will periodically change. 

It may be necessary for an LMS Admin to update their LMS profile details.

To Edit a Learner's Profile

First you want to Access the Member Details panel. To access this panel;

  • Login using LMS Admin credentials.

  • From the left-hand menu, click on the Teams tab. 

  • Expand the arrow for the specific Team to which your Learner belongs.

  • Click on this Team's Learners heading, this will display this Team's Learners within the adjacent field at right.

  • Scan or scroll to locate the specific Learner you wish to edit and hover over this Learner to highlight.

This will cause 3 dots to open a Learner context menu to display at right.

  • Click these 3 dots to display this Learner's context menu.

The Learner context menu will display.

  • Click Learner Details.

A Member Details panel will then display.

This panel contains 5 tabs, these tabs being User Credentials, Status, Roles, Password and Profile.

Near the bottom of the User Credentials panel there is a button-slide option to Authorize or Unauthorize this Learner.

  • After making any edits or updates click Save & Close to implement changes.

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