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Deleting Learners

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will briefly describe the purpose and process of soft-deleting a Learner.

It will also discuss the process for hard-deleting a Learner, as well as the process to fully restore a soft-deleted Learner.

Purpose of Deleting Learners

If a given Learner has left your organization, an LMS Admin may choose to delete this Learner from the LMS system.

Soft-Delete or Hard-Delete

A Learner may be soft-deleted, which will inactivate and unauthorize this Learner while placing them under a status which allows them to be easily restored, or hard-deleted, which fully and irreversibly removes this Learner from the LMS system.  

Once a given Learner has been hard-deleted, their profile details must be reentered to use the LMS. 

To Delete a Learner Profile

  • Login using LMS Admin credentials.

  • From the left-hand menu, click on the Teams tab. 

The main Teams Page will display.

  • Expand any arrows as needed to locate the Team with a Learner you wish to delete.

  • Click on this Team to display it's Learners in the field at right.

  • Scroll as needed to locate the Learner you wish to delete to prompt some menu buttons.

  • Click these menu buttons to display a context menu. 

  • From menu select Delete User.

After deletion this Learner will still continue to display on the Learner list for this Team, but their various informational details will display 'scored-out', indicating this Learner presently exists under a soft-delete status.

  • To further hard-delete a soft-deleted Learner, hover over their scored-out heading to highlight and click this Learner's 3 dots at right to open the Learner context menu. 

  • To hard-delete and remove a Learner from the LMS system, click Remove User.

Upon removal a Learner will be hard-deleted from the LMS system and will no longer display on the Team Learner list.

  • To restore a soft-deleted Learner, click 3 dots to open the Learner context menu and select Restore.

After restoring a soft-deleted Learner, this Learner will resume while maintaining their former LMS Admin statuses and/or Team(s). 

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