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Team Details

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will describe some of the options and features available within the Team Details panel.

Purpose behind Adding or Editing Team Details

Team Details is where an LMS Admin may;

  • Change a Team Name.
  • Create a Team Group.
  • Add or Edit a Team Description.
  • Arrange to send a Team Message.
  • Establish a Team Access Code. 
  • Add or Edit Rules for Team Membership.
  • Setup Remote SCO.
  • Create and manage a Team's LMS Admin Types

Accessing Team Details

To Access Team Details;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.

  • Navigate to the Teams tab.

  • Select and highlight the Team you wish to add or edit any Team Details for and click 3 dots at right to open it's context menu

  • Select Team Details from context menu.

The Team Details panel will open which displays 5 tabs, these tabs being General, Rules, Message, Remote SCO and Access Code.

From the General tab; 

  • Enter or edit the Team Name.

  • Include Group: Check this box if you want to provide this Team's members with their own Group. Checking box will prompt a refresh and a Group Name field will appear. Enter Group Name.

  • Parent Team: Use the associated dropdown menu to select whichever Team you desire to be this Team's Parent Team.

Please Note: The All Members Team is the root team that all other teams are created under. 

The All Members Team has full permissions and hard coded into the LMS. 

Full permissions for the All Members Team cannot be edited or deleted.

Child Teams may have all or only a portion of the permissions of it's Parent Team. 

If a user’s account has a Team Role that grants access to a specific Child Team’s features but not the root All Members Team, their root team where it obtains it's permissions from will be granted by the Child Team it exists under.

  • Optionally, in field provided enter a Description or any other information you wish to be associated with this Child Team.

  • In the Reference field you may add optional reference information.

  • Version History: This will show the version history of the selected Team's edits and updates.

  • Click Save & Close to implement any changes.

Team Membership Rules

For help information related to Team Membership Rules please access this article link located above at right.

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