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Team Membership Rules

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This article will describe some of the basics behind Team Membership Rules.

What are Team Membership Rules?

Membership Rules are types of selected criteria or parameters used to automatically funnel certain types of Learners into certain Teams.

Typically these Rules will be based on certain types of Learner demographic information, or other parameters of information such as hire date, position, status, etc..

Based on your criteria used to determine the necessary qualifications for Team membership, anytime that a given Learner satisfies these criteria, the LMS will automatically assign Team membership to these Learners.

Setting up Rules for Team Membership

Should you choose to establish Team Membership Rules for a certain Team;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.

  • From the main tab menu at left select the Teams tab.

  • Highlight the Team you wish to establish or edit any membership rules to prompt it's menu buttons to display.

  • Click menu buttons to open a context menu

  • Select Team Details from menu.

The Team Details panel will open.

  • Click the Rules tab to open this panel.

Establishing the Membership Rules

This is the location where you will establish any guidelines or parameters necessary for Learners to satisfy for Team membership.

  • Automatic Drop: Select whether or not a Learner should be automatically dropped from a Team, should they no longer satisfy any Team Rules. This will only affect Learners who had been added to the Team thru any Team Rules and will not affect or drop any Learners who were added to this Team via another method.

  • Matching Learners: This will reflect the number of Learners which currently match Rule parameters. Initially blank, the number of matching Learners will display and update as Rules may change or Learners are added.

  • Select Field: This will open a dropdown menu allowing you to select specific parameters for membership.

*These criteria are selected from Learner profile settings which can be created and defined by LMS Admin.

  • Select Condition: Once you have selected an option for Select Field, a Select Condition field will then display. 

Use the associated dropdown menu to select any conditions necessary to meet the associated Select Field, which must be satisfied for any Learners to be added to this Team.

  • Add New Parameter: This will allow you to add numerous specific criteria for selecting Team membership. 

Any Team Members must satisfy all criteria specified by the Rule to be added to this Team.

  • Add New Rule: Should you choose to add a subsequent Rule with membership parameters of it's own, click Add New Rule. 

You may add as many Rules as you need. Members who meet the criteria for at least one Rule will be added to this Team.

  • When you have added your preferred criteria for automatically adding Learners to this Team, click Save & Close.

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