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When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


Within the Accord LMS, any Users are most commonly referred to as being Learners.

In some instances, a User may not be a Learner, as with personnel functioning as LMS Admins.

Regardless of however a particular individual will be utilizing the LMS, the process of adding a new person to the Accord LMS is generally the same.

This article will briefly describe the purpose and process of adding a new User or Learner to the Accord LMS system.

Purpose of Adding Learners

Most typically a Learner is added to the LMS system for the purposes of receiving online testing or training.

Add a Learner into the Accord LMS

To Access Learner Management:

  • Login using LMS Admin credentials.
  • From the left-hand menu, click on the Teams tab. 

Decide which specific Team you want to add your new Learner to.

You can add any Learners to the top parent All Members Team or any existing child Teams.

If you want to add a Learner into a new child Team which does not yet exist, you can quickly create a new child Team.

For help documentation relating to adding a New Child Team please see; 

Add a Child Team.

  • Once the LMS Teams page displays, highlight the Team you wish to add a Learner and click it's menu buttons to open it's context menu.

  • From this menu click Add User.

The Member Details panel will display.

There are 5 tabs; User Credentials, Status, Roles, Password and Profile.

User Credentials

  • Enter User Name: Minimum of 5 characters alphanumeric value.

  • Enter First Name: Enter the person's first name.

  • Enter Last Name: Enter the person's last name. 

  • Enter Display Name: This name will display in various places throughout the LMS.

  • Email Address: Enter a valid email address.

  • User Portals: Select which Accord LMS portals this Learner will be authorized to use.*

*If your organization only uses one portal there will be no additional portals to select from.

  • Authorize: Enabling this slide-button authorizes this user to utilize the Accord LMS system. 

If disabled this User cannot utilize the LMS.

  • Notify: When slide-button is enabled, whenever a new User is added an email notification will be sent to their email address.

If disabled Learner will not be sent a notification.


  • From the tab menu at left select the Status tab. 

  • Learner: Having slide-button activated allows the LMS to process this User as a Learner.*

*If choosing to disable, an LMS Admin Type from just below must be selected for this User.

  • LMS Admin Type: Select from any of the listed Admin Types to allow this User to function as one of this Team's various Admin Types.*

*A Learner can function both as a Learner and an LMS Admin Type.

  • Learner's Teams: This field displays the LMS Team for this User.


  • From the tab menu at left, select the Roles tab.

For a User newly being added, there will be no preexisting Roles here.

  • Add Role to User: Click button to add a Role to a User.*

*Your particular LMS may be setup to automatically add selected Roles to a new User whether you decide to add a Role or not.

  • Role: Using the dropdown menu, select from any available Roles. 

  • Renewal Count: Select the number of times this Role will be renewed for this User.

  • Activation Date: Select when any assignments for this Role will be activated.

Entering no date will activate Role immediately.

  • Start Date: Enter a Start Date for this Role.

No date will allow this Role to start immediately.

  • Due Date: The Due Date will determine when any enrolled content can no longer be launched or tracked.

  • Expiration Date: (Optional) - Specify a date for this Role assignment to expire.

Any enrolled learning content will be hidden from view as of this date. 

  • Re-Activation Date: (Optional) - Select a date to Re-Activate this Role assignment.  

  • Send Notification?: Activate slide-button to send this User a notification informing them of their new Role assignment. 

  • Add Role to User: Once you have selected your desired settings, click Add Role to User.  


  • Random Password: If this slide is enabled a random password will be generated for this User. 

Optionally, you may create a custom password for this User using the provided fields.

  • Password: Create a password for this User. This will be this User's password. Case sensitive.

  • Confirm Password: Re-enter password to confirm accuracy.


  • From tab menu at left select Profile.

  • Enter any User profile information.

Any information in the Profile section is optional.

  • Save & Close: After entering any information desired for this User ensure to Save & Close.

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