Team Access Codes - Utilization and Expiration

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This article will describe the purpose and process of adding or editing various Utilization and Expiration settings for Team Access Codes.

What is the Purpose behind Utilization and Expiration settings for Access Codes?

  • Utilization relates to limiting usage of Access Codes as well as monitoring any usage.
  • Expiration relates to how and when Access Codes expire.

Access Code Utilization and Expiration Settings

To access Utilization and Expiration settings for Access Codes;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.

  • From the main tab menu at left select the Teams tab.

  • Highlight Team you wish to set any Access Code Utilization and/or Expiration settings. 

  • Select Team Details from menu.

The Team Details panel will display. 

  • From tabs at left, select Access Code. 

  • Hover over any Team access code you wish to add or edit any utilization or expiration settings. This will prompt 3 dots to display at right.

  • Click 3 dots to open context menu.

  • Select Access Code Details from menu.

A details panel for this Access Code will display.

  • From tabs at left, select Utilization and Expiration to open this panel.

  • Utilization Limit: This will limit how many times a particular Access Code may be used. Once this limit is reached, the Access Code will stop working until the limit has been reset.
  • Utilized: Number of times this Access Code has been used.

Reset: This will reset the Utilized count.

  • Create Unique: This will create a unique Access Code that may only be used once.

  • Tracking and Utilization: Click adjacent link to downlead a .csv file of the Access Code utilization log into a file location of your choosing.

  • Utilization Threshold Notifications: This will send notifications when the Utilization Limit is reached.

  • Start Date: Set Start Date for when this Access Code becomes active.

  • End Date: Set Access Code deactivation date.

  • Expiration Threshold Notifications: This will send notifications as this Access Code approaches an expiration date.

  • Click Modify & Close to save and implement any changes.

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