Edit a Team Access Code

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When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will demonstrate how to modify or edit an existing Access Code.

Edit a Team Access Code

Access Codes can only be edited by Team LMS Admin personnel which created them.

To edit a Team Access Code;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.

  • From the main tab menu at left select the Teams tab.

  • Highlight Team you wish to edit an Access Code, this will prompt 3 dots to display at right.

  • Click 3 dots to display context menu.

  • Select Team Details from menu.

The Team Details panel will display. 

  • From tabs at left, select Access Code. 

This will prompt a list to display, revealing any established access codes for this Team.

  • Hover over any Team access code you wish to add or edit any settings. This will prompt 3 dots to display at right.

  • Click 3 dots to open a context menu.

  • Select Access Code Details from menu.

The Team Access Codes panel will open.

  • If not already selected, select the Details tab at left.

Add or edit any settings.

  • Access Code Name:  Input Access Code Name in this field.
  • Access Code:  Enter new Access Code here.
  • Active:  Check box to activate Access Code. Un-check box to deactivate Access Code.
  • Description:  Enter a description to help identify this Access Code.
  • Owner:  This will display any Teams to which this Access Code may apply.

Team Learner: 

  • Check Add if you want the user who submits this Access Code to be added as a Learner of this Team. 
  • Check Drop if you want the user who submits this Access Code to be dropped as a Learner from this Team. 
  • Use Ignore to bypass Team Membership.

LMS Admin Types: All Admin Types available for this Team will be listed here. 

  • Check button to grant any LMS Admin Type privileges to any user amongst these Admin Types who submits this Access Code. 
  • You may also remove Admin Type privileges from a user who submits this Access Code by selecting Drop
  • Select Ignore if you intend not to grant or remove any privileges through this Access Code.

  • Local Learning Roles: Select which Learning Roles will be assigned with this Access Code. Only Roles associated with selected Team will display.

Role Assignments:  

Any options selected from the dropdown menu will be applied to any Learning Roles selected.

  • Add if New: If any of the Roles which were selected will be new to a Learner, it will be added. If the Learner already has this Role no action is taken.
  • Add or Refresh: If the Learner does not currently have this Learning Role, they will be added to this Role. 

If the Learner already has this Learning Role, it will update. *

*This feature is commonly used for cases of Course Renewal.

  • Expire: This will force expiration of any Learning Roles selected. This option will override any preset expiration dates which might already exist for any Learning Role.
  • Delete: Use this option to delete any selected Learning Roles from those users who currently possess them.

  • Notify Users: Check box to send notifications to any users if assigned Learning Roles, Team Memberships or LMS Admin Type privileges.

  • Admin Notification Addresses: Input any email addresses for any Admins who should be notified whenever Access Codes are submitted.

  • Version History: Shows Version History of Access Codes Updates. Initially blank until an Access Code has been created.

  • After adding or editing any details for this Access Code click Add & Close. 

Utilization and Expiration: Though not necessary to set any utilization or expiration settings to create or use an Access Code, for information on utilization and expiration settings, please see; Team Access Codes - Utilization and Expiration.

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