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Feature Permissions for LMS Admin Types

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will explain the process of adding or editing any Feature Permissions for selected LMS Admin Types.

What are Feature Permissions?

Feature Permissions are various types of information or parameters which can be defined, set or edited for the various LMS Admin Types.

The various settings under Feature Permissions may include privileges for, or access to; 

  • Page View Permissions
  • Access to Catalog
  • Access to Roles
  • Access to Teams
  • Access to the Actions tab
  • Access to the Configuration tab
  • Permissions for various Report Features
  • Access to various Learner Features

Access Feature Permissions

To Access Feature Permissions;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.
  • From the main menu at left select the Teams tab.

The page will refresh, displaying the Teams page.

  • Highlight the Team header you wish to add or edit any Feature Permissions for any of this Team's LMS Admin Types to prompt it's menu buttons to display.

  • Click these menu buttons to prompt a context menu to display.

  • Select Team Details from menu.

The Team Details panel will display.

  • From tab menu at left select Admin Types.

The existing Admin Types for this Team will display.

  • Click Add New Admin Type.

An LMS Admin Types panel will display, opening on the General Settings tab.

  • From the menu at left select Feature Permissions.

Under Feature Permission;

  • For Access Roles: Select the available Page View Permissions for this LMS Admin Type. 

  • Choose permissions for Admin Features, Report Features and Learner Features.

  • After making any desired click Modify & Close.

The other tabs are;

Learning Catalog Access

Learning Roles Access

LMS Portals Access


  • To Edit any Feature Permissions for an existing Admin Type, once entering into Team Details and selecting Admin Types, highlight the Admin Type you wish to edit to prompt it's menu buttons and select Edit from menu.

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