How to Setup Remote SCO Learning Content

Modified on Thu, 28 Apr 2022 at 05:05 AM

When using the Accord LMS hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will briefly discuss the methods to establish various types of Remote SCO content on your Accord LMS.

For further general information regarding SCORM-type Learning Elements, please see; LE Type - SCORM.

To Enable Your Accord LMS to Share Remote SCO

From the main Teams tab on left, from the list of Teams hover-over the Team where you wish to enable Remote SCO.

This will prompt 3 dots to display next to this Team heading.

  • Click 3 dots to display this Team's context menu.
  • From context menu, select Team Details.

The Team Details panel for this Team will display.

  • Enable Remote SCO: Activating this slide-button will enable Remote SCO capability for this Team.

  • Remote LMS URL: In this field, paste the URL of the external LMS where you want to publish your content.*

*The Accord LMS server must be able to conduct HTTP requests for this URL. 

  • Click Save & Close to save changes.

To Establish a Learning Element you wish to Function as a Remote SCO Object 

From the main Catalog tab on left, from the list of Catalog Folders, hover-over the specific folder where you wish to establish your Remote SCO object.

  • Click 3 dots to open this folder's context menu.
  • From context menu, select Add Learning Element.

When the Add Learning Element panel opens;

  • From tab menu on left select Choose from List.
  • When list displays, select SCORM.

When the SCORM panel opens, while under the General Settings tab;

  • Name: Enter a name for this Remote SCO Learning Element.

  • Enable Proctoring: Should you desire to have this Remote SCO item proctored, activate slide button.*

*For help documentation related to establishing a Learning Element for Proctoring, please see; Proctoring - Introduction.

  • Near the bottom of the panel, drag and drop your SCO content or use button to select a file from your system.

  • After entering a name and adding the SCO file, select the Remote SCO tab from left.

The Remote SCO panel will open.

  • Team: Using the dropdown menu, select a Team from the menu to use for Remote SCO.*

*This Team must have Remote SCO enabled, as displayed above.

  • Enabled: Activating this slide-button will register any attempts.*

*If disabled, attempt records for this Remote SCO are rejected.

  • Maximum Completions: In this field enter the maximum number of completions allowed for this Learning Element.

  • Current Completions: This field will display the current number of completions for this Learning Element.

  • In Progress: This field will display the number of attempts presently in progress.

  • Expiration: You can use the calendar provided to enter an expiration date for this Remote SCO Learning Element.*

*Leaving this field blank allows this Learning Element to be used continually as long as the number of Maximum Completions has not yet been reached. Any attempt records for this Remote SCO are rejected after a expiration date. 

  • Click Create to save changes. 

  • After clicking Create, click Save & Close near top to save and store.

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