Remote SCO - Introduction

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Introduction to Remote SCO

What is Remote SCO?

Remote SCO is a type of digital Sharable Content Object which can be shared remotely over the internet.

For the purposes of an LMS, a Remote SCO object is typically some type of Learning Content which can be shared from one LMS to an external LMS. These LMS do not need to share the same operating systems.

If you have the Remote SCO feature installed on your Accord LMS, LMS Admins have the ability to conveniently establish and manage remote SCO Learning Content.

How does an Organization Benefit from Remote SCO?

The Accord LMS provides the necessary tools to manage licensing which will limit the number of completions or allotted time available for any users utilizing a third-party LMS.

Should you have SCO objects which your organization utilizes to create revenue, you maintain the ability to tightly control how users access your SCO objects. 

Selected SCO material can be readily shared with and utilized by Learners of your choosing while simultaneously protecting this same SCO material from being accessed by non-selected or non-authorized Learners.

Thru the Remote SCO feature, any Learners utilizing a third party LMS will be accessing selected SCO learning content from the Accord LMS where it was originally created or stored. 

This feature provides content authors with the ability to distribute their content without relinquishing any control to it's access. 

Any SCORM Learning Elements within the Accord LMS Learning Catalog can be utilized to create Remote SCO files for any number of external LMS systems. Most external LMS systems can utilize Remote SCO files.

If you do not have the Remote SCO feature already installed on your Accord LMS and wish to have this feature installed, please make a request thru; Accord Support. 

If you already have the Remote SCO feature installed, this feature is accessed thru the Team Details page under the context menu of a given Team. These are accessed thru the main Teams tab.

For documentation explaining how to establish Remote SCO objects on your LMS system, please see; How to Setup Remote SCO Learning Content.

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