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Folder to Role Enrollment


This article describes the procedure for Folder to Role Enrollment.

For Folder to Role Enrollment, Learners are frequently assigned to Roles; these Roles can then be assigned to various Catalog Folders which contain the actual learning content.

For assistance in assigning Learners to Roles please see; 

Learning Roles - Introduction

Role to Folder Enrollment

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu is located lower-left of screen.

  • From the main left tab menu select Roles. 

Page will refresh.

  • Click on the parent Role Group from left which will display it's included Roles in the adjacent field at right.

  • Select any Role you wish to enroll to a Folder to display it's menu buttons and click to display it's context menu.

  • Select Role Details from menu.*

*You may also double-click on the Role to enter directly into Role Details.

The Role Details panel will display.

  • Open the Enrollment heading.

There are two tabs near the top;

Learner My Courses - Use this tab for routine enrollment.

Learner Electives - Select this tab when wishing to enroll Folders which contain types of learning content you wish to have available as elective type content. 

  • Using the available checkboxes, select whatever catalog Folders you wish to be enrolled to this Role and click Update.

Any learning content included with these Folders will now be enrolled to this Role.

Role members will now have access to this learning content.

After clicking update you can close the panel.

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