Release Notes: 2021.04 - Teams UI Update

Modified on Fri, 13 May 2022 at 08:05 PM


Last year saw the release of the updated Accord LMS user experience.  2021.02 (aka Project Kore) was a substantial step forward in design and technology for the Accord LMS.  Versions 2021.03 and 2021.04 complete the updated administrative experience in the Teams Admin interface. Please review the following Release notes.   Contact if you have any questions.


New Survey Question Type: Profile Data

This important update to the Survey Authoring tool allows administrators to present questions which are linked to the respondent’s user profile settings. This allows the admin to offer a survey which simplifies the process by which users can update their own profile settings. Since Accord LMS assignment rules are based largely upon user profile properties, this feature opens a new opportunity to assign content or team membership based on any self-reported information.

Quiz/Survey Viewer Update

The Quiz and Survey viewer have been rewritten to take advantage of the state-of-the-art technologies used throughout the new admin user interface. This version of the viewer will not look different to learners but easier for Accord to maintain and enhance.


Admin Type Management added to Team Details

The Admin Types feature has been redesigned for speed and usability. This feature is now part of the main Team Details User Interface. This feature is now consistent with our sidebar navigation released throughout the application. New technology improves the speed of the interface and design enhancements simplify the creation and management of custom admin types.

Team Details now contains General Settings, Team Rules, Team Messages, Remote SCO (when enabled), Access Code Management and Admin Type Management.


Admin Type List removed from Team Hierarchy

The new Team Hierarchy Tree only includes Teams. A new User Type Filter provides immediate access to users with different admin types. This change provides a cleaner view of the team structure while providing a more efficient use of screen space. Clients who use many different admin types will greatly appreciate this change.


User Type Filter

The User Type filter replaces the functionality previously contained in the Team Hierarchy Tree using separate nodes for Learners and each Admin Type. The User Type Filter will be found above the User Grid and can be used to quickly review available admin types and associated users in the selected Team.


Show Deleted Users Filter

Previously, clients with high learner turnover did not have an easy way to hide soft deleted learners on the users’ grid in the Team UI. This simple slider will either hide or show learners who have been marked as soft deleted but not hard deleted. Since hard deletion permanently removes learners and their records, it should be used with caution.


Teams New + Menu Behavior Change

The Create Teams or Create User actions will now create the new Team or User in the selected Team, rather than automatically placing the new Team or User into the All-Members Team.


Bulk Learner Import Notifications

Welcome notification emails will only be sent to newly created users. Previously the welcome email was erroneously being sent to preexisting users included in a bulk import.

General Enhancements

Update information when LE is moved or removed

Previously, when a Learning Element was moved it could create problems with other Learning Elements or Folders that were dependent upon this LE for prerequisites, http requests and role awards. Moving a Learning Element will now update information in dependent LE's or Folders so that they are no longer dependent on the missing LE.


Logoff Warning Message

The Accord LMS has an optional timeout setting which automatically logs users out of the system after a defined period of inactivity. This timeout setting can be uniquely defined for each client. Accord has developed a module which can provide a warning to the user with a sixty second timer before being logged-out for inactivity. If you would like to implement the automatic logoff with or without the warning timer, please contact Accord LMS Support.


Role Logs

The Accord LMS now stores more transaction details to assist the support team in discovering the cause and timing of errant role assignments and edits. This feature will be invisible to users of the Accord LMS and expected to reduce time of resolution for particular types of support tickets.

Performance enhancements

Accord’s recent move to our new Amazon Web Services environment necessitated numbers of performance enhancements. Though most of this work is complete the project continues as the new environment is stabilized and new enhancement opportunities are identified.


Continuous Quality Improvement

This release includes several minor interface improvements, improved tool tip language and bug fixes.



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