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Session Details

 When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips. 


This article will briefly describe how to enter or edit Session Details for Instructor Led Training Sessions.

To Enter or Edit Session Details

Whether entering any Session Details when creating a new ILT Session, or editing any Details for an existing session, the process is largely the same.

  • Ensure the Proper Current Team is Selected.

To ensure you can always find a given Team, ensure the proper Current Team is selected at the lower left of your screen.


Select Catalog Tab

  • From the main tab menu at left select the Catalog tab.

The main Catalog Page will display.


From the Catalog Page;

  • Select and highlight the Folder from the Catalog which contains your Instructor Led Training Learning Element (ILT), allowing this Learning Element to display within the adjacent LEARNING CONTENT field.

  • Should your ILT not already contain any Sessions, or if you choose to peruse the entire Session List, hover-over the ILT to prompt it's menu buttons.

  • Click menu buttons to prompt it's context menu.

  • From menu select LE Details.


  • When the LE Details panel opens, should you wish to see all listed Sessions, from tabs at left click Session List.

  • If you have no existing Sessions, near the bottom of the panel click Add Session.

This will display the Sessions Details panel.


  • If your ILT already contains some Sessions, hover-over a given Session to prompt it's menu buttons.

  • Click menu buttons to display a context menu.

  • From menu select Session Details.


When the Session Details panel opens, there are 5 available tabs; General Settings, Resources, Advanced Settings, Notifications and Learner List.

General Settings

  • Name: Enter a name for this session.

  • Time Zone: Use associated dropdown menu to select a specific time zone.

  • Use Learner's Time Zone: If desired; use associated dropdown menu to select a Learner's time zone.

  • Recurrent: Use slide button to activate and open calendar to select dates for recurring sessions.

  • Start Date Time: Enter a Start Date for this session. 

  • End Date Time: Enter an End Date for this session.

  • Save & Close: Click Save & Close to save and implement settings.



  • Location: Use associated dropdown menu to select a location for this session.

For assistance in adding a new ILT location please see; Add New Location.

  • Instructor: Use associated dropdown menu to select an Instructor for this session.

For assistance in adding a new ILT Instructor please see; Add New ILT Instructor.

  • Save & Close: Click Save & Close to save and implement settings.


Advanced Settings

  • Description:  Use either the Basic Text Box or the Rich Text Editor to provide a brief description of this session.

  • Tags: Enter any optional tags or terms you find suitable to help Learners locate this particular session when using the search function.

  • Max Learners: Enter the Maximum number of Learners that can attend this particular session. Leave blank for unlimited.

  • Min Learners: Enter the Minimum amount of Learners required for this session to take place.

  • Team Filter: Use the associated checkboxes to select any Teams desired to attend this session. Visibility of this session will be limited to the selected Teams. Learners must be enrolled to this session in order for it to display within their My Courses.

  • Calendar Invite: By Checking this box, an Add to Calendar link will display to Learners whenever accessing Session Details. By clicking this link, a .ics file will download which can be added to the user's local computer calendar.

  • Available Tokens: Tokens available for Calendar Invite Body customization.

  • Calendar Reminder: The amount of time you want calendar events to remind users before session start time. Users can edit this reminder when adding session event to their personal calendar.

  • Enable Waitlist: Allow wait-listing when Session Learner Limit reached.

  • Autofill from Waitlist: This will autofill any registered Learners from waitlist if space for session becomes available.

  • Version History: This will record any session revisions.

  • Save & Close: Click Save & Close to save and implement settings.



  • Session Registration for Learners: Send notification when a Learner is Registered to a session, by self or by LMS Admin.

  • Session Registration for Instructors: Send notification when a Instructor is Registered for a session, by self or by LMS Admin.

  • Session Update - Send Now for Learners: Use slide to send all registered Learners a notification that this session has been updated. Slide will reset after submittal.

  • Session Update - Send Now for Instructors: Use slide to send Instructors a notification that this session has been updated. Slide will reset after submittal.

  • Save & Close: Click Save & Close to save and implement settings.


Learner List

  • Clicking on Learner List will allow you to see any Learners currently registered for this Session.


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