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Use the Helpful FILTER-BY Feature


This article will describe the purpose and process of using the FILTER-BY feature.

Larger organizations with significant numbers of LMS users will find the Teams FILTER-BY feature a helpful tool making their various LMS Admin duties more quick and efficient.

Using the FILTER-BY Feature

From the main tab menu at left click on the Teams tab.

The Teams page will open, allowing an LMS Admin the ability to see and access the various LMS Teams.

As an example, if clicking on the top All Members Team, the adjacent data panel will initially display with the FILTER-BY menu set to All Members.

This automatically displays all members on this Team, fully independent of any Team members' special permissions.

In this example there are 13 members on this list, as determined by the number displayed on the dropdown menu.

If the SHOW DELETED slide is enabled, this will show any soft-deleted members. 

Disabling this feature removes any soft-deleted members from displaying on this list.

If an LMS Admin wants the ability to quickly see only members on this Team who function as Team Admins, they have the easy option of using the FILTER-BY dropdown menu to display only members having Team Admin permissions.

Once the page refreshes, the list will redisplay, now showing only Team Admin members. 

The list has shortened from 13 members, down to 5 members.

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