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Release Notes: 2022.02 - Learning Roles UI


This release completes the Kore Initiative.  The Learning Role admin User Interface is now consistent with the Course Catalog and Learners/Teams interface.  Role Details now features a newly reorganized interface which includes the now familiar left side-bar menu for all available Learning Role options.  In addition, 2022.02 has included a few behind the scenes improvements.  You'll note a number of the items listed below are tied to scalability to ensure that the Accord LMS continues to serve all of our clients as they grow.


New User Interface

Double clicking on a specific Learning Role or Role Group will still present the details, but now the interface is consistent with the other Kore Interfaces which feature a sidebar menu containing all available settings for the Learning Role.  In addition to redesigning the User Interface, we've also updated our underlying code to the latest state of the art technology in order to improve performance, scalability, and longevity.

Refresh and Expire buttons moved

These buttons were previously located in the top panel of the Learning Role Details page.  These buttons are intended to refresh all role dates for all users or expire all users.  These are powerful features when used intentionally, but their placement seemed to invite unintentional use which could effect all users in the role.  The buttons now exist at the top of the Date Options section.  They are hidden by default, but can be exposed by turning on "Advanced Options".

Export Buttons added to Role Learner Management

LMS admins have requested an easy way to export a list of Learners who are enrolled in a specific Learning Role without creating a custom report.  Icons at the top of the Learner Management grid within each role now allow for a quick export of the information included in that grid.  Just click on either the PDF, Excel, or CSV icon to export the appropriate file.


New Teams Control

This change will be invisible to most clients.  Some Accord LMS clients have very large or complex Team Hierarchies.  The existing control included an upper limit which impacted scalability for our largest customers.  The new control, while functionally identical, offers enhanced performance and scalability for clients with more than 1000 teams.


Learner Transcript Performance Improvements

The Accord LMS Learner Transcript is a special report that is exposed to learners.  This report can be configured with a number of different options to meet individual client requirements.  This report has not changed in function but has been redesigned to offer quicker performance with displaying long training histories with many rows of data.

Report UI Simplification - Underused reports to be removed, clearing the way for new reports.

Early in 2022, Accord marked a number of reports with a red asterisk indicating that they will eventually be removed from the LMS due to low usage.  At that time a newsletter announcement was sent to all client technical contacts.  Those reports are now scheduled to be removed from the interface in version 2022.04 due out in late November.  The reports to be deprecated are the Learner Activity report and all reports in the Reports grouped by Folders and Learning Elements section of the Reports page.  No other reports will be removed.   Removal of these underutilized reports allow us to focus our development efforts on new reports and our most impactful existing reports.

Learner Activity/Transcript with Folder Details now has % complete column

Accord has had some customer requests to include the % complete when looking at folder activity.  The new Progress column is an optional column which will report the learners calculated % complete for the referenced folder.  Remember that this value will be based on the attempt that you've selected on the report (e.g. best attempt, last attempt, first attempt) so this value will only match the Learner's My Courses value if the Learner Module configuration matches the report configuration.  Please contact support for assistance if necessary.

General Enhancements

New Provider Cache Module

A new module was created to make sure that the DNN cache is synchronized between every server in the server group.  This is unlikely to be noticed in day-to-day use.  This change was made to facilitate some features (e.g., eCommerce) in the new AWS environment.

Continuous Quality Improvement

This release includes several minor interface improvements and bug fixes.



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