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Release Notes: 2022.03 - Learner Search, Open Sesame update


Release 2022.03 marks an important evolution in the Accord LMS development process.  From this point on, Accord will be completing monthly software releases.  These incremental releases will give us the opportunity to release new features on a more consistent schedule and more rapidly respond to any reported defects.  While you will be seeing fewer items on these release notes, we believe that the more consistent release schedule will ultimately allow us to provide new functionality at a faster pace. 

This Month's release features a new Learner Search feature and an important update to the Open Sesame integration.


Open Sesame Integration refactored to utilize new API

Accord enjoys a very close relationship with our content partners at OpenSesame.  They've been busy upgrading their integration technology and Accord has upgraded our LMS to take advantage of their new model.  This new OpenSesame integration will require a new configuration that will connect your LMS with your OpenSesame account.  This also applies to current Accord Plus clients and buyers of ad-hoc courses.  Once configured, clients will use the full functionality of the OpenSesame portal to select or purchase courses and then simply click a Send to LMS button to place them in your Accord LMS Course Catalog.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone currently using OpenSesame courses will need to deploy version 2022.03 and work with support to configure their new integration by December 15th, 2022.


Team Access Codes now have filter and sorting

Access codes are a powerful feature which, in some use cases, can greatly simplify assigning training, teams, administrators, and more.  With the popularity of our Team Access codes, we were seeing very long lists of codes which could be difficult to navigate.  Team Access Codes now have filtering and sorting capabilities similar other areas of the system featuring long lists of data.  Instead of scrolling through the entire list, just type in the first few letters of the code's name or the code itself.


New Course Level Learner Search 

Prior to this release, Learners were only able to search for Learning Elements.  This is really somewhat counterintuitive since most Learners know the name of their course or their Learning Path rather than the individual lessons contained within.  The new Search bar in My Courses will search both Folders (Learning Paths, Courses, Chapters, etc.) and Learning Elements (Content such as SCORM, Videos, PDFs, etc.).  The returned results will allow the user to directly open the content or the folder from the search results window.

General Enhancements

Updates to License Policy

Accord has made the decision to loosen our restrictions on license limits to better serve our customers.  Previously, we had automatic triggers which prevented certain features from working at the end of the license period and when the active learner count exceeded to licensed amount.  In order to avoid accidental service interruptions, we will allow new users to be added to the system until the system has exceeded 110% of the license count while new payment arrangements are made.  This is not intended as an automatic increase in user count, but rather a grace period for the convenience of our clients.

Continuous Quality Improvement

This release includes several minor interface improvements, improved tool tip language and bug fixes.



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